Friday, April 04, 2008

RITA flowers

I write for an awesome publisher! Look what the executive officers of Harlequin Enterprises sent me as a congratulations gift for my book, A TOUCH OF GRACE, finaling in the RITA contest.

Thanks, Harlequin! I feel doubly blessed.

(I tried to post a photo of me, red-eyed from writing, holding this glorious bouquet, but I guess I scared Blogger. It wouldn't load the photo!)


Rachel Vincent said...

Beautiful! And congrats on the nomination!

Linda Goodnight said...

Thanks, Rachel. I was over at your site admiring you dual bouquets but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment!
Thanks for stopping by.
Linda g

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous and how nice to know you write for folks who appreciate you.

Congratulations. Will be rooting for you!!!