Friday, July 05, 2013

Ireland Day 4, Dingle Peninsula

 The area around Inch Beach is hilly and pretty with a few houses dotting the hillside.

 Here are the goofy tourists grinning by the Dingle Peninsula sign. Notice it is also written in Irish, as this part of Ireland speaks that language rather than English.

 Beehive huts are fascinating! Dating back to 2000 years before Christ, they still stand today. These are on private property but the old Irish lady lets you look--for a fee. They were all over the place, some falling down, but many like this one still perfectly intact. The lady used some of them as storage buildings! Can you imagine? Here, in America, they would be owned by the government and carefully protected and preserved. But it doesn't appear they've needed any help in lasting for centuries.

Here is an example of why Sundy and I gave up trying to drive in Ireland. This road is one lane but there is traffic from both directions, including tour buses!  EEEKK! Ah, but great experience and fodder for my book idea file. You never know when this will show up in a book!

 How do you like the hair styles? Can you say, "windblown"? 
See the "sleeping giant" lying on his back? It is actually an island, more like a big rock, on Dingle P.

See the door-shaped hole in that jut of land? The tour driver said it was ancient fort/castle dating back to the days when Ireland was constantly being invaded. This was a way chieftans could protect themselves.

See my pretty Sundy standing by the door?
 Lunch in Dingle at Murphy's Pub was a hearty pork,dressing, and veggies with the ubiquitous brown bread. Tasty and not as expensive as some. As close to "fast food" as you come in Ireland.
 Boats harbored at Dingle. I'm told they fish at night from this tiny fishing village.

 Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park. Serene and lovely after a bit of hike up into the mossy green woods. If you saw all the photos I took here, you'd know why I wrote a book series called,  Whisper Falls. I love waterfalls! Don't you?

 The Lakes of Killarney from atop a rise beside Torc Waterfall.
 After a drizzly, wet day, we ended at a wonderful, clean, modern, friendly pub not far from our B&B. We had listened to well-played Irish music here the night before but tonight we had tea and scones and headed back to the inn. In Ireland the days are long, not getting dark in May until nearly 10 and the sun rises early, about 6:30. Great for tourists site-seeing, though attractions close at 5 or 6.
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