Thursday, April 03, 2008

Firefighters and research

Writing books can be a taxing occupation. Research, on the other hand, is just plain fun. Take for instance my work in progress, a Love Inspired romance with a firefighter hero. Other than having a son who is a firefighter I know little about the job. So, being a good mom, I strong armed my son into a visit to the fire station. Not only did the guys of Norman Station One show me around, explain all the equipment and let me climb on the fire truck, they let me ride along on a call! How exciting to fly down the street in a brand new state of the art fire engine with the sirens and lights blaring. Fortunately, the call was minor so I don't have to feel too bad about enjoying it so much.

I tried to take photos of those good looking guys, but every time I aimed the camera, they scattered like cockroaches! I did, however, manage to force two cuties to pose for me. Enjoy!

And thanks to all the great FF at Station One. You guys are awesome!

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