Monday, April 07, 2008

Agent Research

I've been researching literary agents. Never having worked with agent, although I've had 29 book sales, I started to get interested in maybe, perhaps, someday hiring one. So I set out to find out as much as I could. I'm not done by any means, but a number of folks have asked to see my list. In a total act of self-interest, I decided to post the list here for your perusal. Please, please read my disclaimer. I'm researching and open to corrections and additions.


Disclaimer: This is a personal list of info I’ve been gathering for my own use. Since I write both secular and Christian fiction, I wanted to find agents who not only are willing to work in both ABA and CBA, but who have shown a successful track record in both arenas. This list does pretend to be all inclusive and there could be errors. If you know for certain of a correction or an additional agent who works in both CBA and ABA, please let me know. I want to make this as correct as possible. Where possible I listed a website.

2008 - Agents who work in both CBA and ABA

Karen Solem – former editor, has been an agent a long time. Very successful and well respected. Colleen Coble’s agent. According to an article here, CBA authors make up 20% of her clientele with the rest being ABA. Could not find a website for her agency.

Natasha Kern - Robin Hatcher’s agent. Comfortably sells in both ABA and CBA. Well respected and successful agent. Not specifically Christian.

Browne/Miller Literary Formerly the late Jane Jordan Browne’s agency. Agents Angela Hunt. Probably not for category writers, but is respected in both ABA and CBA.

Claudia Cross – Sterling Lord literistics, Inc. was listed on the Thomas Nelson site as a recent sale (2-08) but a former author told me she is no longer taking CBA authors. She does have several CBA authors listed as well as many ABA authors.

Deidre Knight & Pamela Harty (Knight Agency)– website shows she’s recently sold to a number of ABA AND CBA houses. An author who has used her told me Deidre had backed off CBA somewhat. An agent with a strong rep. Has a blog.

Janet Benrey, Mostly CBA but says she will work in ABA as well. Has several sales on her website to both.

Jennifer Jackson - Donald Maass Agency – agents Shelly Bates (Faithwords) Lots of ABA but Shelly was the only CBA author I found.

Chip McGregor – mostly CBA sales, but a good number in ABA. Has had NYT bestsellers(Let’s Roll) and other very successful writers in the past. Several authors sang his praises.

Mary Sue Seymour -- Takes only romance and Christian work. She has sales to big ABA houses and several CBA. Has sold to Steeple Hill.

Wendy Lawson & Janet Kobobel Grant – Books and Such Agency. Primarily CBA. Agents Gayle Roper, plus a number of CBA authors (Robin Jones Guinn). Didn’t see any other ABA authors besides Gayle who sells to Steeple Hill.

Kelly Mortimer – small client list, a few sales in both arenas. Robin Miller’s agent (LIS)

Other agencies someone sent me:

Alive Communications – Major CBA Agency with many high-profile authors. Karen Kingsbury, Jerry Jenkins, etc. Found no ABA sales other than Love Inspired.

Steve Laube - His website says his focus is the CBA. He does have a number of Steeple Hill (ABA) authors. Former editor, strong in CBA.

Pattie Steele Perkins – can’t find a website so I have no info on her sales but she has several LI authors including LIH and HH author, Vicki Bylin. She does sell mostly in the ABA, I believe. No knowledge of sales into CBA houses.

Pam Hopkins – has some LI authors but isn’t that comfortable working with CBA publishers. She told me this herself. A great lady, honest and well respected in ABA.

Three Seas Agency –I checked her list of books sold for the last two years. Many ABA sales but none to a CBA house. Has sold to Steeple Hill LIS (Lisa Mondelllo)

Same with Pema Brown

Holly Root - The Waxman Agency - According to their website, this agency has many, many nonfiction sales and smattering of fiction, including two or three CBA sales of late.

Meredith Bernstein – One Steeple Hill author I know of but no evidence of working with CBA houses. No website found. A well known and respected ABA agent with NYT bestselling authors. Tough negotiator.

Sha-Shana Chrichton – says she accepts insp. romance, but I cannot find any place where she’s sold to CBA.

Hartline agency – all agents seem interested in taking on both, but other than Love Inspired and Avalon, I didn’t find any ABA sales..

Marcy Posner-Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. Can’t find any sales record on her or her interest list.

Elaine English – Website specifically says she does not take inspirational books

Caren Johnson - Caren Johnson Literary Agency. No Christian authors on her website. No CBA sales


Linda Goodnight said...

To add to my list, I had a note from Tamela Hancock Murray, an agent with Hartline Agency. She said:>>>>>

I'm Kim Vogel Sawyer's agent, (also Maggie Brendan and Miralee Ferrell), and my client list appears on my web site:

I focus on CBA. I sold SCRIPTURE TO LIVE BY to ABA publisher Adams Media. >>>

Thanks Tamela!!

Betty S said...

You've compiled a great listing here.

Betty Sanders

Cathy Liggett said...

Linda --
Thanks so much for putting together such a comprehensive list. Your time is much appreciated!

Julia Mozingo said...


Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your generosity and genuine helpfulness.

-- Julia

Linda g said...

Hey ya'll, great to hear from all of you. Thanks for stopping in. After I did all that work gathering info on author recommended agents, I figured someone else might find it useful too.

Sue Dent said...

I'm an author who is a Christian and was not aware of the CBA/ECPA market when I started looking for a publisher. I did do searches for publishers who called themselves Christian but fortunately (since I don't write for the conservative evangelical market CBA/ECPA targets) didn't see any CBA/ECPA publisher listed. Thank God you pretty much have to go to an agent to find them.

I found a Christian publisher who accepted my manuscript without hesitation.

This is important to note. My book was widely accepted by CBA/ECPA readers but because my first publisher nor my second paid the money to join CBA/ECPA, my books don't show up on Christian bookstore shelves (Christian bookstores primarily only shelf books from the CBA/ECPA market) even though they are available through normal distribution. (at least my sequel will be.)

The point is, if you're a Christian looking for an agent, know your market. CBA/ECPA doesn't represent the Christian general market. And if you choose a publisher or agent who doesn't serve that market, it doesn't make you an ABA or secular author. ABA is an association not a market and secular really isn't a maret at all.

To seperate the market as ABA and CBA just stands to confuse IMO. It would be more accurate to say that you have the CBA/ECPA market, general Christian market and general market. :)

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