Friday, April 18, 2008

Finding my books

I get letters. Lovely, brilliant folks who like my writing often contact me to ask where to get my books. I love these people and I really want to make them happy. The problem is this: Both Love Inspired and Harlequin Romance, the two publishers I write for are known as 'category' or 'series' romance. That means, the books hit the shelves every month and are available everywhere books are sold for that month. Then, like the last spoon of ice cream, they disappear to be replaced by the next month's books. After that, the best and often only place to find them is at on-line bookstores that continue to carry them as long as they are in print.

My "Brothers' Bond" series has generated more mail (and awards!) than any books I've ever written and even though the last one was published last summer, I still get frantic (I love enthusiastic readers) emails from people who have read one or two and now want the rest. As hard as I have begged Steeple Hill to reprint those books, it hasn't happened yet. However, I did get a good bit of news. The first of the books is coming out in hardback from Thorndike Press very soon. Hopefully, the others will too. So, if you've missed the series the first go-round, stalk or for the hardback version.

Thanks so much for asking!!

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