Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Plotting Circle

Yes, I'm chuckling right along with this cute kitty cat. Yesterday
I had the great fun of speaking to the Oklahoma City Metro Writers'. What a delightful group of ladies and men! --The kind of folks you like to hang out with who are so supportive and enthusiastic. Many of the attendees seemed to find the material really useful, so perhaps, if you're a writer, you would too.
My topic was using mythic story structure to create a plotting circle for a novel. Now, while that sounds all academic, it's not really. It's a technique I've devised to make my life simpler. Whenever I start a new book, I draw a circle and use the mythical 'hero's journey' to lay out the bare bones basics as a guideline. Then, as I write, this guide keeps me focused on the major points that have to be in the story.
If you're interested in an abbreviated version of the plotting circle, check out my website under "For Writers". I'm currently revising that article to include more detail and better explanation so stay tuned!!

And if you'd like to hear me teach this topic in person, I'll be speaking at the Red River Romance Writes in Wichtia Falls, Texas, June 5. So come on down!!

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