Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Middle School kids are great!

I had the nicest experience recently. Moore West Middle School invited me to speak to 9th graders during their career day. I'll admit some trepidation. Ninth graders are not known to suffer fools gladly or to be polite or even politically correct unless they want to be. Well, I was wonderfully blessed by this group of kids. Six classes rotated through to hear my spiel on the joy of being a working novlist. They were awesome. The questions they asked were insightful and intelligent. They were polite and listened as though my words were gold. They were warm and welcoming. I think I may have even met a future John Grisham and a future Amy Tan.

Sure, some of them had weird hair and funky outfits. But beneath the tatoos and the orange dos, were a building full of great kids. I hope they invite me back some time.

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