Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Advent thoughts

My family never celebrated advent. In fact, I didn't understand the concept until recently when I decided to put more Christ into my Christmas and less of the media's idea of the 'holiday'. I will never be politcally correct because, no matter how much a small, deluded group of people try to change it, Christmas is Christ. And more importantly, Christ is everything. And everything He brings into life, everything He stands for and wanted for us, is so wonderful and so positive and so loving. I cannot understand why anyone would want to push Him out of the season--or out of their lives, for that matter.

One of the ways I'm keeping focused on Jesus this season is by reading a scripture each day from the Old Testament that pointed to the coming Messiah. I am amazed and blessed to see how clearly God heralded Christ's birth and ministry over a thousand years before it happened! Check it out for yourself: Isaiah 9: 6 is perhaps the most amazingly clear, but there are many others.


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