Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Snack for Parties

I saw this basic idea on Pinterest and loved it. Today I made them for my daughter's class and the kids chose these over the cookies and candies!  They scarfed them down!

They are so  easy to make and not really any more expensive than cookie and cupcakes. I figured it up and these cost about $5.00 total to make.

To make 24:

24 grapes
12 fresh strawberries
6 string cheese
24 mini cupcake holders

Decap and slice strawberries in half. Make a small notch in the top to make it look like a heart. (so cute!)

cut each string cheese into 4 pieces.

Now put one of each item--a strawberry heart, a grape and a string cheese piece into the cupcake holders and you are done!

I had the mini cupcake holders on hand but you could buy the holiday specific kind if you prefer.
You can also use other fruit, berries, or types of cheese but the strawberry is really perfect for Valentine's Day.

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