Saturday, May 17, 2008

God Moments

If you read my blog much you know I'm a Christian who believes God is awesome! Sometimes though, He just amazes me. Two very cool things happened that are clearly God and His marvelous timing.

1. I often bargain shop and then ship a huge box to my favorite charity His Kids Too! that provides humanitarian aid for Ukrainian orphanages. My box is almost full but still had a space about the size of a large blanket. So off I go to Walmart, but they have nothing at all on sale. As I'm standing there, I said a tiny prayer in my heart. "Lord, help me find the right thing at the right price." At that very moment, my cell phone rings. It's my daughter. She's out shopping and has run onto to some great bargains for things we know the kids over there need so badly. She wants to know if I have any room left in my box!!!

2. A couple of nights ago a situation we're involved in needed prayer. An important meeting was taking place the next day across the ocean, but it was being held at 4 a.m. our time! My daughter is a prayer warrier too, so she prayed and then told God that if He wanted her to get up at 4 a.m. and pray again to please wake her. She went to sleep at peace, knowing God would take care of it. Guess what happened? At 4, her cell phone rang, awakening her. It was a text message from a friend in another country who knew nothing about the prayer request! Needless to say, my daughter rose, marveling at God's power, to pray.

God is so cool.

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