Saturday, May 10, 2008

Class reunion

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Today I attended a class reunion, one of only two I've attended in (ahem) a whole lotta years. Being a from a small town, our class had only about 50 graduating seniors. At the time most of us were very close but distance and years and other things pulled us away and I had not seen most of the attendees in a very, very long

time. I was very surprised to have an absolute blast. All those people are even more fun and interesting today than they were in 1968. I guess by this age, the facades disappear as well as the need to impress or not to look stupid or whatever makes us do all that posturing when we're young. It was marvelous to just be who we are.

And the best part? I really like who these old friends have become. I hope we stay in better touch this time.

Someone said I should write a book about a class reunion. You know what? Maybe I will!

Have you ever 'gone back home' to a class reunion? What was it like?

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