Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The only thing more fun for an author than starting an exciting new book is the pleasure of typing "The End". Yesterday I finished a 2009 book for Harlquin Romance which, as yet, has no title. Today I'm working on AFS or the art fact sheets Harlequin authors fill out to help the art department come up with the perfect cover. Most people don't realize that the authors don't create the covers. In fact, we don't have total say on the title either. That's why the book I just finished has no name. :-)

Anyway, back to the AFS. These are extensive questions about the book that include a short synopsis, three scene ideas that show the tone of the story, a ton of information about the characters' looks, personality, and character, plus descriptions of the setting, which in this case is the glorious Rocky Mountains. Preparing the AFS is a great deal of work, but the end result is a better cover.

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