Sunday, April 30, 2006


No, I didn't have a baby or get a package from UPS. That's the name of my new book from Love Inspired. A VERY SPECIAL DELIVERY just hit the stands so run out to Wal-Mart or any other bookstore and grab a copy. I'm getting some great reader mail already which is such a wonderful blessing to me. It's humbling that people take time to write an email to an author expressing their enjoyment of a book.

This particular story is my "SIDS" book. I think the topic has touched a cord in readers. Because SIDS had occured in my family, I worked very hard to handle the subject with sensitivity and to bring beauty out of a tragedy. Please let me know if I succeeded.

By the way, the cover is pink and lovely, very easy to spot on the shelf. If I wasn't such a klutz, I could show you. Instead, check out my website. My wonderful web mistress, Kelli McBride, has it up for you.

Happy Sunday!


Barbara said...

I just read part of chapter one as an ebook. It was so good, but I was so upset to see I couldn't get the rest of it yet. lol I look forward to when it comes out in ebook like so many of your books have. Thank you for catching my interest. I will definitely be reading more of your work.

Barbara Brown

Linda Goodnight said...

Barbara, The complete novel, A Very Special Delivery is available as a free ebook on

It is also available free through

Thanks for reading!