Saturday, April 22, 2006


My latest Silhouette Romance seems to be doing well with readers. At least, I hope so. I've been getting email asking if and when I'll have books for the other two characters, Teddi and Carson. The truth is, Silhouette originally planned to do all three books. That was before they decided to merge Silhouette Romance with Harlequin Romance. Now, the idea is limbo. I've written a book for new merged line, but Teddi and Carson are on the back burner. Too bad, because I LOVE both those characters. If you've read PRINCE INCOGNITO, you know that Teddi is a hoot. She's a free-spirit, a warm, funny, new age flake. So, so much fun to write. And Carson, he's a macho cowboy whose bark is worse than his bite. And boy, does he bark! I love writing those types and watching them fall in love. They always make such a loud explosion.

Anyway, thanks to all who've asked. Maybe someday. . .

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