Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ukrainian orphanages

Linda Goodnight
When the former Soviet Union collapsed, it left a lot of good people in very bad situations. The result has been an influx of children into orphanages across eastern Europe. I must say, from personal experience that these are beautiful, bright, wonderful children, but if the statistics coming out of Russia are correct, their future is bleak. Sixty to seventy percent of kids that age out of orphanages end up in crime, prostitution, or dead from suicide.

This weekend, I agreed to add to my already overburdened schedule a roll as coordinator for donations for Gorlovka Hope Orphanage, the orphanage in Ukraine where our Sasha and Elena live. Please take a minute to go to and read about the wonderful work this group does. In the days to come, I'll be telling you about a special project I'm trying to get going to help the kids at G.H. I hope you'll agree this is a worthy cause. Caring for orphans is, as the scripture says, the very heart of Jesus.

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