Monday, March 20, 2006

Ukraine & INS

We received good news today. Our immigration application was approved, so if Ukraine will allow us to adopt Sasha and her sister, we have the approval to bring them to America. Other good news is that Sasha is feeling better. She's still coughing and orphanages are not all that warm, but at least she is mending. We are praying hard that things will reopen in Ukraine and we can get the girls out of the orphanage by summer. We know it's a long shot, but God can do anything. Please pray. Children shouldn't be in orphanages when they could be with a loving family.


AngelaMarie said...

I adopted my darling daughter from Kharkiv in 2000. I have several email friends waiting for the SDA to open up. Their dossiers are registered and they are on pins and needles waiting for an appointment.

I heard a rumor on that the SDA may not open until May 8.

But it sounds like the restrictions on Americans remain. For any new dossiers the children must be 10 years or older or handicapped or a sibling of a previously adopted child.

Linda Goodnight said...

Hi Anglemarie,

Thanks for the post. Our precious one was adopted by another couple, so we are taking some time to decide where to go from here. I truly would be pleased if the Lord sent us an older child to love and raise, but I'm praying that Ukraine will change the policy and let all children be adopted out of orphanages. That's no place for a child to grow up.