Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ireland, Day 3 photos

Day 3 was not a great day so I've decided to post some nice photos instead of telling all our woes of trying-and failing-to drive on Ireland's VERY narrow roads.
Above is Bunratty Castle, an imposing medieval castle that is open for viewing but the price is steep!

Note the established date! This pub is at Bunratty. We had a passable meal here. The inside is cooly ancient and you could feel the age and history.

Muckross Abbey, a medieval abby I loved. Can you see me up there peering out the window? The abbey is said to be haunted and has tombs dating back to the 1300s. The cemetary is still used today. The ambiance here is amazing. We visited at dusk and I could have lingered here for hours.

 Muckross Abbey, a fuller view. It's really huge, so hard to get in one photo. Enormous fireplaces are still intact. This is one of the places, during the time when Christianity was being stomped out, that the monks "kept the light" of faith burning. Cromwell burned, raided and sent the friars into hiding, but they never gave up.
Lovely County Kerry.

 Wouldn't you love to follow this road forever? The lane into Killarney National Park


Every where in Ireland we saw rock walls like this. It's a very rocky land so walls were built with found rock. The rocks are just stacked on top of each other without mortor. Many have endured for hundreds of years!

 Nothing like a tasty banafee pie to end a stressful day. This was at Molly D'Arcy's pub outside Killarney and near our B&B. A very good Irish band was playing so we stayed to listen to the music and enjoy our tea and pie. I don't know what was in that pie but it was scrumptious. This is my daughter, Sundy, my traveling buddy.
The outside of Friar's Glen B&B, my favorite, favorite place to stay in Ireland. Mary and John made us feel at home and went above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable after a rather trying day. They even drove us to the pub, provided a flashlight and umbrella and booked tours for us. Wonderful people. And the breakfast alone was worth the price!

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