Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today's my anniversary--sort of. Thirteen years ago today on my mom's birthday I got the call from Allison Lyons at Silhouette Romance to buy my first book, FOR HER CHILD.  All these years later and nearly 45 books in  print, Allison is still my editor.  We've both grown, swtiched lines, and moved forward, but always together. We've shared many highs along the way with very few lows-- Award Ceremonies, Booksellers' Conventions, Conferences, and lots of yummy dinners and Starbucks drinks!

Thanks for everything, Allison, and happy anniversary!

This is us at the RITA Awards last summer.
(I look a little rough but my cute little editor is gorgeous!!)

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Maria Buscher writing as Maria Michaels said...

Linda, you are such an inspiration. I picked up A Very Special Delivery and because of you, for the first time in my life I thought maybe I could write and glorify God at the same time. I've written three novels since then and two were inspirational romances. One of them got all the way up to acquisition but it was a reject. I'm afraid I don't have the right "tone" for LI but the journey was still a good one. Even if I don't glorify God with my writing, I will always admire people like you who do. God bless you.