Monday, January 02, 2012

Where the Wildflowers Bloom Review

I just finished Ann Shorey’s new book, Where Wildflowers Bloom, a gentle, smoothly crafted prairie romance from Revell perfect for reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The heroine, Faith, longs to follow the Oregon Trail and leave behind the sad memories of the loss of her brother and father in the Civil War. Though, at times, I was frustrated with Faith’s immaturity, the other characters, especially the hero, were endearing. Additionally, I appreciated the author’s subtle hand in addressing the prejudice against women prevalent at that time. I was also impressed with Shorey’s knack for strong setting. With precise wording and well-laid details, she brought the 1860’s and a Missouri small town to life. Read an excerpt at

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Hilda said...

Hi, Linda. I just finished reading The Last Bridge Home. MAN! WHAT A BOOK! You know I love your writing, but this book was just wonderful. I read the last two chapters over again because I wasn't ready to stop reading! Silly, but true. I even posted a review on, how bold am I?! God bless you for your gift to your readers! Take care. I hope your next book comes out soon. I'm ordering your really old books through, I jut received the "Grace" trilogy and look forward to reading those. However, I need to read the "Alaskan Bride Rush" series starting with Jillian Hart's book, and yours is the last of the series so I look forward to that, too. Take care! Hilda