Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Trip to New York City

Central Park is a surprisingly large oasis of beauty and peacefulness in the midst of the Manhattan madness. I loved it.

Lady Liberty still strands strong in NY Harbor. I got chills looking out at her and thinnking of how blessed I am to live in this land of the free.

My trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without lunch with my editor, Allison Lyons. She took me to Ecco, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Old New York. As you can see, I tried the luscious gellato, Allison had the fruit with real cream, and my beautiful daughter Sundy tried the Italian Cheesecake. Even though I got lost and was late, we had a fabulous time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs., Ms. Goodnight. My name is Jared Leonhart. I just finished reading The Baby Bond, and I wanted to write and let you know I loved it. BGod bless you. †

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