Sunday, June 22, 2008

God Moments - a dream and an answer

I've decided to use my blog as journal of sorts to keep track of those wonderful little God moments that are sometimes forgotten. God is so awesome and amazing. When I have times that my faith is lower than usual, I want to be able to come to my blog and read about what the Lord has done. So, I'm now collecting God moments. Not just mine, but anyone's.

This morning while getting dressed for church, my husband Gene said to me, "God's going to show off at church this morning." I had no idea what he meant and he wouldn't tell me anything except that the Lord has whispered in his heart to do something. Here's what happened.

The Lord directed Gene to give a certain young woman in the church some money. We do not know this woman, do not know her situation, don't even know her name. But of coursre, our Father does. It was a little disconcerting for Gene, for obvious reasons but he wanted to be obedient and see what God had up his sleeve.

As we entered the church, the young woman was standing outside. Gene said he wasn't even sure if that was her, but later in church, he saw her with her kids and realized it was the right woman.

At the end of the service, he looked around and couldn't find her. Thinking he'd missed it, Gene started for the car. As he pushed open the church door to go outside, there she stood. Taking a deep breath and hoping she wouldn't think he was crazy, he walked up, told her the Lord had told him to -------As he started to tell her, all the while stuffing money into her dangling purse, she began to weep and finished his sentence, "the Lord came to me in a dream last night and told me someone at church today would walk up and hand me some money." The conversation, though short, revealed that she had been struggling and in the dream the Lord told her this was a sign from Him that He loved her and cared about her needs.

Isn't God so sweet?

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