Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In my January Silhouette Romance, SOMETIMES WHEN WE KISS, the hero's aunt made chocolate turtle cake. Since then, I've gotten a number of requests for that recipe and realized that I've never put that one on my website. I need to rectify that, but meanwhile here's the recipe. This cake is gooey and so rich you can feed a lot of people with one.

1 chocolate cake mix (any kind. The original recipe called for German chocolate but I use dark chocolate.)
14 oz. pack of caramels (I've tried caramel sauce. While it works, it's not as good.)
1 bag (12 oz.) chocolate chips (use whichever you like, milk chocolate or semi-sweet)
1 c. chopped pecans
1/2 c evaporated milk

Mix cake according to instructions on the box. Pour 1/2 the batter into a sprayed or greased 9 X 13 cake pan. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Watch carefully and do not overcook. Better to undercook than overcook. I usually stick a toothpick in and if the cake is still a little crumbly, it's done enough.

While bottom layer is cooking, melt caramels and milk together over low heat or in microwave. Pour hot caramel mix on top of the baked layer. Sprinkle chocolate chips and nuts over this. Top with remaining cake batter. Bake again for about 15-20 minutes. Again, be careful not to over cook. A few crumbs on the toothpick is done enough.

Now, grab a big glass of milk or a cup of coffee, put your feet up with a good romance novel (preferably one of mine ) and enjoy that cake!

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