Saturday, February 18, 2006

Linda Goodnight

I just finished the AAs for my first book for the new Harlequin line. Originally, the line was called Romance! and was meant to be a merge of Silhouette and Harlquin Romance but now I'm hearing rumblings that the title is too confusing and may experience yet another change. Whatever they choose to call it, I can't wait for the debut series to hit the stands. It's the Valentine series and I was blessed to work with some of the industry's best traditional romance writers. My book, MARRIED UNDER THE MISTLETOE, is a very emotional story. When I reread it this weekend for the final edit before it goes to print, I became so excited to share it with my readers. It won't arrive until November so I'll be reminding you again. :-) You knew that, though, didn't you, you smart person?

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