Saturday, January 21, 2006

More on Hosting

I'm still not sure how to sum up the two weeks we had with Sasha. They were stressful but also wonderful. This little girl, who's probably endured more hardship that most of us will ever understand, is a survivor. She was funny and smart, stubborn and difficult, and completely endearing. We fell in love with her.

Hosting an international orphan can be done several ways: through an adoption agency who then expects you to use their services, or through one of several groups whose only agenda is to give a child an amazing vacation. Of course, if the child finds a permanent home in the process, all the better. You can find a number of these groups on the web. It costs, of course, but if you are fortunate enough to live in the same state as the hosting group, the cost is not bad. If, like me, you live in the boonies, the cost is pretty high. But the end result is feeling that you've done a good thing. That you've made a difference in a child's life. The hard part is saying goodbye, not knowing if you will ever see that precious little person again.

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